Hospitality Operations Solution – Smart Ops

Smart-OPS Pro is a hosted Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) product that empowers individual Hospitality Organizations with state-of-the-art Web and Mobile technology to smartly market, manage, and operate their hospitality property.

This tried and tested technology has proven itself worthy by helping several hospitality organizations to become market leaders in their region.

Key Benefits:

  • A. Be in direct contact with all your guests and prospects via elegantly crafted branded web and mobile apps.
  • B. Get your accommodations booked instantly over the internet from anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.
  • C. Reduce commissions to external agents – from local travel agents to global online travel agencies(OTAs) by minimizing and controlling your dependency on referral bookings.
  • D. Make smart decisions based on insightful reports that lead to meaningful actions that produce results.
  • E. Automate and have easy control over your key operations  – reservations, availability, pricing, discount, digital marketing and more.
 Direct contact with Guests

With the custom made web and mobile apps of Smart-OPS Pro, it is like putting your digital booking agent and spokesperson, literally in your guests fingertips. You can customize your web and mobile presence to make it consistent with your brand, look-and-feel, image and style. The technology medium we provide is so flexible that you can easily create, change, and delete content to make sure your message represents the quality and uniqueness of your hospitality.

All the Smart-OPS Pro solutions come with an professional customized design by one of Nepal’s top designers; Kemesh Maharjan

Get bookings instantly

Smart-OPS Pro comes with a direct online booking facility, where your guest can easily book your accommodation anytime and anywhere they want. Reservations are ensured and visible in the availability calendar where you can enter your other bookings too. This prevents over bookings and provides an intuitive overview of your occupancy for your your front-desk / reservation staff.

 Reduce commissions

Are you spending more money on booking commissions than you prefer? Without depending upon referral bookings you probably have a tough time getting the occupancy and revenues you want. These days Global OTAs, distributors and local agents are taking a significant cut of the marketing budgets of hospitality companies. By opening a direct booking channel for your customers, you directly save commissions on bookings and prevent third parties benefitting from your marketing efforts and spending in your brand. You will instantly save commissions on people who already know your brand or happy returning customers and extenders, who now can conveniently book your hospitality products via your own booking solution, whenever they want. Your own booking channel opens up a whole new range of new online marketing possibilities that put you in control and reduce your dependency on third parties. For example instead, place facebook and adwords advertising to your own website. This will probably be cheaper than commissions to third parties plus you have all the data generated with a sale yourself.

Make smart decisions

Availability management, Price management, and Occupancy Reports give you actionable insights on how you were doing in the past, how you are doing now, and how you will do well into the future in terms of occupancy and revenue. By monitoring your occupancy real time you can adjust your pricing policy based on your occupancy. Do you already have 30% bookings for the next season ? Maybe its time to reduce your early bird discounts. You have a tough week ? Higher your last minute discounts. The discount banners and prices automatically adjust for maximum effect. Of course you can also use this data to mobilize your offline and online sales team to fill up the occupancy gaps. Having clear insight of past to future will help you to get amazing yield results.

Automate with easy control

Automation saves time and resources thereby increasing efficiency which translates into saving costs. Routine processes that are tedious to perform by humans like assigning units or rooms in such a way that you can get the best revenue, calculating periodical discounts, converting currency based on current exchange rates, can all be done more efficiently by a computer. Similarly having easy control over reservations, availability, pricing, discount, value added services, reporting, and management of online digital content and marketing processes, makes a huge difference over the efficiency and smooth operation of these critical processes.

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